Machinery equipment

For machining of insulation materials

(dry machining, without liquid)

  • 3 CNC lathe machines
  • 3 CNC gantry milling centers (2 five-axes; 1 three-axes)
  • 14 CNC three-axes vertical milling centers

For machining of non-ferrous materials and plastics

(equipment including the processing liquid)

  • 1 CNC lathe equipment with tooling
  • 1 automat CNC lathe with automatic feeder support
  • 1 horizontal 2 pallets CNC center
  • 2 vertical 2-pallets millling CNC centers
  • 10 CNC three-axes vertical milling centers (with possibility of using 4th axes)

3D measuring equipment - we have measurement equipment TESA Micro Hite (working place 460 x 510 x 420 mm). Acurracy is 3D +/- 0,001 mm. Measurement of larger pieces is assured cooperatively.

Technical information for specified equipment

5-axes machine SAHOS – Dynamik:

(electroinsulation machining)

Dimension of element, which we are able to provide, is 1250x2750x650 mm.

Vertical 3 axes CNC milling and drilling center MCV 1016 QUICK with possibility of using 4th turning axe:

(machining of insulation materials, non-ferrous metals and plastics)

Table travel axis X 1 016 mm 
Table travel axis Y 610 mm 
Travel spindle axis Z 710 mm 
Clamping surface of table 1 300 x 600 mm 
Maximum table load capacity 700 kg

Vertical 3 axes CNC milling and drilling center MAKINO PS 95:

(machining of non-ferrous materials and plastics)

Table travel axis X 920 mm
Table travel axis Y 510 mm
Travel spindle axis Z 460 mm
Clamping surface of table 1 170 x 510 mm
Maximum table load capacity 800 kg

CNC leathe center OKUMA Genos L300E-MY:

(machining of non-ferrous materials and plastics)

Max. circulating Ø 520 mm
Spindle drilling Ø 80 mm
Machining Ø max. 340 mm
Dist. spindle-gun 1 020 mm
Turns 25 - 3 000 turns/min
Power 11,0 kW

 Driven tools for milling:

Long turn automat Manurhin K´MX 432 (CNC lathe with feeder):

(machining nonferrous metals and plastics)

Maximum rod Ø 32 mm
Drilling of the main spindle Ø 37 mm
The maximum length of machining per stroke 400 mm
The maximum length of a rod for feeder 4 000 mm

Horizontal 2-pallets CNC machining center MAKINO a61nx:

(machining nonferrous metals and plastics)

X axis movement (stand long) 730 mm
Feed the Y-axis (vertical spindle) 730 mm
Feed Z-axis (table crosswise) 800 mm
Pallet size 500 × 500 mm
Workpiece size (diameter / height) 800 / 1 000 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 500 kg
Turns: 15 000 min-1

Vertical highspeed CNC milling center with 2 –pallet exchanger BROTHER SPEEDIO R450X1:

(machining nonferrous metals and plastics)

Pallet size 300 x 350 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 120 kg

Water jet AQUACUT 3001.20 WB:

(cutting of all types materials)

Working table dimensions 3 000 x 2 000 mm
Maximum thickness of materials 100 - 150 mm acc. to material type

The machine is equipped with two heads - one for cutting, drilling and threading the second with M12 thread cut.

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