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LABARA Company Ltd. was founded in 1995 as a commercial organization. The main activity was buy and sell of laminated electroinsulation materials. Motivated by the needs of its customers, Labara gradually created an in-house production department, focusing on the cutting and machining for electrotechnical industry field. So already in year 1998, our company could start offering to our customers an operational processing of electrical insulating materials, plastics and non-ferrous metals on CNC machines according to their requirements and drawing specifications. We offer supply of cut parts, coating parts, gluing, thermoforming plastics. We understand our customer needs - we can produce both lump product, and also we can deliver a big series. Labara also performs subsequent installation of electrical components as needed and required. We have the necessary machinery for this activity - CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, saws and water jet.

In Labara product range you can also find following electroinsulation materials - sheets, rods, tubes, slot insulations, technical tapes, adhesive tapes, insulation tubes, mica insulation materials, round and profile copper and alluminium winding wires, veiling mats for lamination, glass fabrics and yarns. We also offer wires and cables for electrical wiring distribution.

The production quality is guaranteed by the certified system ISO 9001:2015 and UL Repackaging system.




Our company has been working for many years with customers from the RussianFederation and to support these activities, we decided to establish subsidiary co. LABARA-RUS in year 2012 in Yekaterinburg.

LABARA-RUS main activities are supplies of electroinsulation materials for electrotechnical and engineering industry. The important customers are manufacturers of transformers, electrical equipments, motors and generators, chokes, reactors, producers of transport equipments (trains, trams, trolleys etc.) In Russia and other former Soviet republics. LABARA-RUS production programm is cutting and machining of electroinsulation materials.

The company is using its own production technology (know-how) for production of glass epoxy tubes. The part of the production is also coating and gluing of materials, following customers specifications. We also offer slitting and machining by water jet – for customer special product applications.

The main supplied materials are sheets, rods, tubes, plastics, slot insulations, technical tapes, adhesive tapes, insulation tubes, mica insulation materials and others. These materials are supplied either in standard production format sizes, but also mainly as a offcutts and fabricated elements, according to customers technical drawings.

Electroinsulation materials are supplied according the GOST norms, or the european DIN technical norms. LABARA-RUS has very modern technological equipment, especially CNC equipment–saws, milling machines and lathes.


For further development of the company and strengthening of the business position on the Russian market, the electrical plant BIZ was acquired. BIZ – BOBROVSKI INSULATION FACTORY (Bobrovskiy Izolacionny Zavod), which is located 35 km from Yekatěrinburg, site plant covers an area of 10 hectars.

BOBROVSKI INSULATION FACTORY is one of the traditional, long-standing manufacturers of electrical insulating materials and components in Russia.

The main fields of the plant is the production of laminated sheet materials (different types of reinforcement - paper, fiberglass and fabric).
Another production divisons of this company are: dielettric foils, impregnated materials, insulators, phenolic cotton electroinsulation rods, glass epoxy profiles of different shapes, dogbones, laminated cardboard, paper tubes and electrical rods, fiberglass tubes.

The strategic customers of BOBROVSKI INSULATION FACTORY LLC are companies from following industrial sectors:

  • Electrical engineering (high and low voltage transformers, power cables production)
  • Power industry (electric motors, turbogenerators, vacuum switches, insulators)
  • Electronics industry (microelectronics, printed circuit boards, measuring instruments)
  • Metallurgy
  • Building industry

BOBROVSKI INSULATION FACTORY is a company with years of experience in the production of electrical insulating materials. In conjunction with traditional methods of production and the current modern technologies, the new production techniques and modern equipment are used. Our staff is highly qualified and trained, so that our products always meet the high quality requirements and satisfy all customer needs.

There is System management of company BIZ certified according to ISO norm 9001-2011.

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