Thermal protection

Bimetal thermostats, temperature, limiters, fuses, thermalfuses
These include reversible bimetal fuses and fusible (destructive) fuses, whose task is to maintain the temperature of the protected product of the predetermined value. It is being manufactured in a wide range of temperatures and hundreds of versions (various kinds of functions, insulations, outlets, mounting, dimensions, etc.). In addition to these fuses we also offer PTC (NTC) sensors which operate on the principle of a step change in resistance. For their connections can be used for example relays.

Typical examples of the use of reversible bimetallic fuses, are:
Electromotors, transformers, heaters, radiant heaters, ventilators, welding devices, oil radiators, heating convector, etc. Wide application is also found in household appliances, automotive industry (heated seats, el. windows, wiper systems), electronics, medical technology, etc.

Cutout fuses (destructive or one-time) are mainly used:
In transformers and network resources, and also in household appliances (coffee makers, deep fryers, toasters, hairdryers, ...) lighting technology, electronics, etc.

Protective heat switches

  • Thermostats
  • Thermistors
  • Cutouts

Temperature sensors

  • Protection of motor windings (PT100, PT500, PT1000, ...)
  • Hardware engines (with metal housing, or box type)
  • Other industrial applications (with metal housing, box type, with teflon housing)

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