Machined parts from engineering plastics

CNC machining is timelly and economically fastest and best production process for fabrication of plastic parts - especially for a series of small and medium-sized.
We supply machined parts according to your individual requirements and needs based on your drawings. For the production of parts we use most materials and semi-finished products from the portfolio of the world's leading manufacturer of plastics: Röchling Engineering Plastics.
Machined range includes molded and extruded plastic plates, plastic profiles, extruded rods and pipes.

The most commonly machined materials to produce semi-finished parts are mainly:

  • Technical engineering plastics: PE, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PS, Play-Tec
  • Engineering plastics: PA, POM, PET, PBT, PC, PVDF, PE-UHMW, Teflon


Wide application is in many fields such as. General machinery, electronics, food processing, beverage industry, health, agriculture, mining, chemical and ceramic industry, air transport, medical industry, transportation, rail transportation and forestry.

Our staff will help you choose the right material, recommendation of appropriate tolerances or quality functional surfaces, manufacture of prototypes and samples. At every moment fully as possible we will try to meet your needs, and the emphasis is always placed on an individual approach to each customer.

We provide one of piece, small batch and mass production.


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