Elements machining out of non-ferrous materials

With the increasing demands of our customers, we began to develop the processing of non-ferrous metals. Our program is for the most part filled with aluminum machining. We are able to polish and cooperatively balotinovat and anodized.


Wide application in many fields such as. general machinery, electronics, food processing, beverage industry, health, agriculture, mining, chemical and ceramic industry, air transport, medical industry, transportation, rail transportation and forestry.

Our staff will help you choose the right material, recommendation of appropriate tolerances or quality functional surfaces, manufacture of prototypes and samples. At every moment fully as possible we will try to meet your needs, and the emphasis is always placed on an individual approach to each customer.

We provide piece, small batch and mass production.




8.10. 2018

Thanks for visiting PLASTEX 2018

Dear business friends, Thank you for visiting our stand at PLASTEX 2018, which took place within the 60th year of the MSV in Brno and we wish all the many successes both in…
17.9. 2018


From 11 to 13 September 2018, LABARA s.r.o. and LABARA CABLES s.r.o. 31th International Trade Fair of Electrical Engineering ENERGETAB 2018 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.