Vrapování1The feathered insulation materials are intended primarily for transformer manufacturers. It is used as a insulation between the primary and secondary windings. Our machinery allows us to produce insulation in a width of min. 20 mm - max. 240 mm with double-sided feathering with a depth of min. 2 mm and widths max. 10 mm. As a standard, we feather insulating materials up to a thickness of 0.50 mm.

Our most frequently processed materials include polyester foils, Nomex® aramid paper, Kapton® polyimide foils. Laminated materials based on polyester film and polyester mats (Prešpan, DMD, DM) based on polyester film and Nomex® aramid paper (NP, NPN), as well as laminated materials based on Nomex® aramid paper and polyimide film (Kapton®NKN).


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