Cutting non-stick materials

Řez nelep1We offer cutting of non-stick flexible, mainly electrical insulating materials, which are used in electrical engineering, electronics, furniture, etc.
We are able to cut materials with a width from 10 to 1400 mm, thickness 0.05 - 0.6 mm with maximum accuracy, according to the strength and properties of the material.

Technical parameters:
Max. diameter of unwound material - 800 mm
Max. weight of unwound material - 540 kg
Max. diameter of wound material - 450 mm
Max. weight of wound material – 150 kg
Inner diameter of unwinding sleeves from standard 76 mm
Inner diameter of cores for winding on cores 76 mm
Types of cutting materials: Nomex®, Mylar®, Kapton®, laminated materials: NMN, NM, DM, DMD, DyFlex, DyTerm and others

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