Phenolic cotton sheets

Textit J

Sheets are made from cotton fabric as reinforcement and cresol formaldehyde resin as a binder. Good resistance to weak acids. At higher temperature can be used as a construction material in machines and equipment construction. It has good mechanical and sliding properties, absorbs shocks. It is used for the production of sliding bearings, bigger gear wheels, rollers, sliding parts of machines and equipment, damping parts, housing parts, levers, connecting rods, protective discs, insulation pads, facings of sliding parts of presses, heavy planning machines, frame saws. It represents a structural material in the construction of machines working in aggressive environments.


Textit E

Compared to Textit J has better electrical strength and resistance in humid environments. It is suitable for the production of various highly mechanically and electrically stressed parts. Identically to Textit J it is used for electrical components with guaranteed dielectric strength and insulation resistance for electrical insulation boards, chassis, body equipment, housing parts of distribution boards and switchgears, electrical machines and transformers.

Type according EN-60893 Unit PFCC201PFCC202PFCC203
Used name Textit J Textit E Textit
Type according to DIN 7735 Hgw 2082 Hgw 2082.5 Hgw 2083
Type according to NEMA C CE L
Reinforcement cotton fabric cotton fabric cotton fabric
Resin phenol phenol phenol
Flexural strength flatwise perpendicular to laminations (at 20°C) MPa 140 90 160
Modulus of elasticity in flexure MPa 7x103 7x103 7x103
Tensile strength MPa 80 60 95
Compressive strength perpendicular to laminations MPa 270 -     -
Notch impact strength parallel to lamination (Charpy) KJ/m2 9 8 10
Shearing strength parallel to laminations MPa 60 20 60
Dielectric strength perpendicular to layers in oil 90°C kV/mm 1 5,1 1
Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations
KV  1 20 4,6
Dissipation factor tg                                      
-   at 50 Hz     - - -
-   at 1 MHz     - - -
Permittivity at 1 MHz   - 5,5   -
Comparative tracking index (CTI)   100 150 135
Insulation resistance after immersion in water MΩ 0,1x101 1,5x101 1,7x101
Density g/cm3 1,3 - 1,4 1,3 - 1,4 1,3 - 1,4
Temperature index (TI)   120 120 120
Water absorption (for thickness 3mm) mg 249 162 135
Flammability (category)   - - -
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