U profile

Profiles and angles are having design similar to the GPO - 3 flame retardant laminate. These products have a wide range of applications in both electrotechnical and conventional applications. They are resistant to electric arc and creep currents. Profiles are easy to work with and satisfy the needs of different projects and constructions. Standard length is 3.05 m.

PropertiesUnit of measureValues
Standard colours - red
NEMA Grade - GPO - 3
Tensile strength MPa 103
Tensile modulus MPa 11,721
Flexural strength MPa 172
Flexural strength by 130°C MPa 90
Flexural modulus MPa 8,274
Compressive strength MPa 290
Shear strength MPa 100
Impact strength J/cm 5,1
Electric force - perpendicular to the air kV/mm 8
Electric power - parallel in oil kV 45
Resistance to el. Arc sec. 185
Resistance to creeping currents min. 500
UL Subject 94 2,4 mm V - O

Note: The above values in the table are informative only. Technical sheets for individual products on request.

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