Amorphous thermoplastic


  • Extremely low moisture absorption
  • Low weight
  • High stiffness
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High dimensional stability even at high temperatures
  • Very good electrical insulation properties

Field of application

  • Dimensionally stable, heat-resistant parts in the engineering, transport and technological equipment industries.
  • Electrical and electronics industry
    E.g. "Coil bodies", connectors, cable ducts, components and caps for meters, data processing equipment, insulators, circuit breakers.
17.6. 2022

AMPER 2022

After a two-year break from the covid, in May we were able to participate again in the traditional domestic fair AMPER, which took place from 17.5. to 20.5.2022. Two years…
21.6. 2022

Machtech 2022

Due to the pandemic, Hungary's largest trade and industrial meeting last year could only take place in a virtual space, so this year's personal meeting was especially…
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