Plastics for medical technology

Plastics for medical technology
All materials meet the relevant requirements for use in the medical field. In conjunction with a high degree of knowledge of specific applications is the use of these plastics basis of the success of our customers in the medical field.

Materials Medical Grade series were tested for their biocompatibility. Thus it was verified that these materials do not harm health.

We use plastics and additives that have already been in use in medical engineering applications for many years. These materials are FDA-compliant and free of heavy metals.

Chemical resistance
MG-products have a good chemical resistance to various conventional disinfectants and detergents.

Large number of our high-performance materials can be very easy sterilized using hot steam, ethylene oxide, plasma and gamma radiation.

FDA compatibility
Most of our high-performance materials meet FDA requirements. Many colors of our MG products were also tested and meet FDA requirements.

Hydrolysis resistance
Excellent hydrolysis resistance of our MG products is necessary for hot steam sterilization, so we consider it for granted.

End products of our materials are used in many medical applications, devices and equipment. Besides Medical Grade materials with proved biocompatibility we also use standard materials that do not come into direct contact with patients.

Surgical instruments
Besides holders and handles of conventional surgical tools or probe adapters in orthopedics are high-performance plastics also used as components for devices in non-invasive surgery. As an example we can give eye funnel, clamping rings or peripheral end heads of endoscopes. Good resistance to disinfectants and sterilizing processes are today a basic requirement for use at medical clinics and hospitals.

Dental technology
Besides the tools used for the prophylaxis of dental diseases are Röchling materials also used for the medical treatment or special therapies. In such applications these instruments have to be resistant to multiple disinfection and sterilization processes.

Diagnostic radiology
It is difficult to imagine dimensional devices such as X-ray, computed tomography or magnetic resonance without the use of plastics. Plastics are used both inside of the device and also as biocompatible components coming into direct contact with the patient (e.g. as an auxiliary tool or biopsy units). In contrast of metal materials are a lot of plastics very discreet and do not disrupt the diagnostic processes.

Therapeutic systems
Plastic pistons, valves and adapters are used in anesthesia units and respirators. Dialysis units and cardiovascular support systems are examples of therapeutic systems where commonly plastics from Röchling are used.

Pharmacy & Biotechnology
It does not matter whether it is a spectrometer for the instrumental analysis or chromatography for the purification of proteins for medicaments production. In all these instruments and devices are components made from Röchling company semi-finished products.

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