Polystone® M microbloc

Polystone® M microbloc exerts an antimicrobial action against bacteria, viruses, mould, yeasts, fungi and algae without the addition of toxins.

Type of product

Compression moulded sheets, skived sheets, round rods, profiles


Natur, special colours

Special properties

  • Antimicrobial effect against bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts and fungi
  • Consistent, long lasting effect, thanks to non-migration of the material
  • Approvals under foodstuffs law
  • Excellent sliding and wear behaviour
  • No moisture absorption
  • Smooth surface
  • Good chemical resistance

Typical areas of application

  • Beverage and food industry
  • Food processing
  • Dairies
  • Meat processing and poultry houses
  • Medical technology, hospitals and nursing homes
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